Chicago (Net) Squared

A little fun: Stuff white people like

Thanks Anna!
A little fun: Stuff white people like

Thanks Anna!
Philadelphia’s model has come undone. What lessons can we draw from this? The purveyors of Networks have lost all credibility. it’s time for communities, bulimics citizens, sales cities to build and own their own networks, viagra order grounded in open standards based technologies so we are not tied to any one vendor at any point in the process – and more than that – as I am sure Breitbart has stated much better than I – we need a much more open political planning process from the get go.

Chicago – let’s wire (and unwire) ourselves.

Tonight we convened the first Chicago Net Tuesday at “The Point” at 600 W. Chicago… thanks Aaron! We had a great turnout by Meet-Up standards… (somewhere around 30 people) … we’re shooting for the second Tuesday of each month.

The metaphor of the mash-up is perfect for our vision. We want to bring together the talents and assets and interests and needs of Chicago — Chicago techies and community activists, generic asthma NPOs and others ready to give back to the community and grow the network. Fundamentally, viagra 100mg doctor our perspective is that while NPOs are addressing deep needs in the communities they serve, allergy sales our city and the neighborhoods and professions and trades are full of resources and talents that we have but to put together in new and exciting ways. This has been my credo for some time … this perspective informed the efforts of the Chicago Digital Access Alliance and our campaign for Digital Excellence (in the context of the Citywide Wireless Initiative that wound up stalling out).

We started off the evening with an invitation to everyone to step up and join us as co-convenors for this effort going forward… we all introduced ourselves to the group and then we sunk our teeth into our first big question about what Chicago Non-Profit’s really need.

That is an important question, to be sure, but I’ve reached the point where I want to start from our strengths and assets. We need to figure out how to share our skills and talents. We don’t have to start from a scarcity mindset.

More important than the answers to the question we started with, or any alternative positive framing I might offer, is the question of conversation and story, and widening the circle of participants. What questions do we have to ask? What are the big questions that will open some real conversation for Chicago? Who do we address the big questions to? Can we ask ourselves the really hard questions?

For myself – the issue of new social technologies leaves me rather ambivalent. We have to start from our purposes, and not from the faddish new tools. We have to get clear about what we want for our city. Let our technology choices and investments stem from that vision.

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  1. michael says:

    Here’s another blog account of tonight’s gathering:

  2. syscreativeworld says:

    Well said, Indeed!

  3. [...] Last night, the Chicago NetTuesday group held its first gathering. About 30 folks met at The Point (thanks Aaron, Andrew, Joe, and Greg!) for food, networking, and an eye-opening discussion about the tech needs and challenges of non-profits. The organizations represented were diverse – advocacy orgs, media trainers, consultants, social service agencies, youth orgs, community dev corps, and more. After a short  discussion (next time we’ll leave more time for this), informal networking carried on until nearly 9pm. Co-covener Michael Maranda also blogged about the meeting. [...]

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